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Air Medical Accident June 02, 2010

Stephen Thomas Durler, Mechanic

  Guy del Giudice, Chief Pilot

Stephen Thomas Durler
Guy del Giudice
Chief Pilot

June 2, 2010, CareFlite Bell 222 helicopter, Midlothian, Texas

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In Memoriam:

Guy and Stephen,

Remembering you gentleman today as well as your family, friends and co-workers. From one Care Flight family to another CareFlite family with love.

-  Trish Hamilton, Muddy Angel

Guy del Giudice and Stephen Durler,

Thank you both for your sacrifice. You faced death so bravely and honorably. Our thoughts and prayers are with your families.

-  Marie Johnson

Stephen and Guy,

Though I am nothing more than the Medical Director for CareFlite you both represented that for which I am so proud--quality patient care at any cost.

-  Dr. (Bob) Simonson

Guy del Giudice, Chief Pilot,

I am without words to describe how I feel. You will be missed as a friend, a colleague, and an important part of the HEMS world. God Speed my friend, RIP.

-  Michael Nelson, EMT-P

The Crew,

God rest your soul... Thank you for giving your life to save another.

-  Jeffery Wilt (former medic)

Guy del Giudice & Stephen Thomas Durler and all of the CareFlite family,

Into the skies you go, the sound of the blades you control. To someone in need of help or care. The people of DFW knowing you'll always be there. Thankful in mind and heart, knowing how you've played your parts. Into the skies you've gone, onward to God and beyond. May peace and faith remain with your families, knowing you played your parts.

-  Sarah Reynolds

Guy del Giudice,

I can't put into words the pain that is in my heart today! I have to step out on faith, and just know you will watch out for me from above.
My friend you have left behind a legacy that will not be forgotten.

-  Larry J. Mynar

Stephen and Guy,

As true as the air we breath, you both are and will forever be the wind beneath our wings. May you rest in peace.

-  Robin Roberts RN


You both will be dearly missed. It means so much to know that not only you made the ultimate sacrifice, but you did it in the line of duty. We always take for granted that nothing will ever happen as we step in and close the doors on the aircraft. My best wishes for your families and loved ones. You both will be dearly missed!

RIP my friends.

-  Cody

Stephen Thomas Durler, Mechanic
Guy del Giudice, Chief Pilot

I only met Guy once when I came to the hanger a few months ago. I never met Stephen, but the feeling for a fallen brother or sister in uniform is all the same. We choose these jobs because we make a difference in others lives and we enjoy knowing that others are happy because of something we said or did. Not many people can say they work for a place like CareFlite. We are family here whether we know each other or not and the feeling is always the same no matter what. I know Guy and Stephen enjoyed what they did for a living, while their jobs were different from one and other together we all make CareFlite the company you see today. Both of you will be missed very much. From now on we will celebrate both of you by sharing stories and remembering the huge impact both of you made on everyone you came in contact with. As you both sit upstairs watching down on us, remember you will never be forgotten.

-  Steve Johnson

Guy and Stephen,

You laid your lives down for the people we serve. God speed.

-  Jim Owens

The Families of Guy del Giudice & Stephen Thomas Durler and the CareFlite family -

Prayers are with you all....Godspeed!

-  Philicia

To the crew members from careflite,

Stephen and Guyyou will be sadly missed and you will always remain in our thoughts.

-  Graham Mercer

Guy del Giudice and Stephen Durler,

You will forever remain in our hearts and never forgotten! Our thoughts and prayers are with your families.

-  Ashley Marquis

Guy and Stephen,

You two will be deeply missed by all.

-  Jen Long


We will never forget....the impact and sacrifice that you made just so others may live. God Speed and watch over us as we fly in your honor.

-  Justin Morris

Guy and Stephen,

It was only today that I had to remind myself that you are with Him now. My heart aches for your families. Hero's both, may you rest in peace.

-  Roger Catlin

Guy and Stephen,

Though we may have worked in different divisions we all work for the same family.  Guy and Stephen you will both be missed by all your families, work family, and friends. We take comfort in knowing that God has welcomed aboard his new Chief Pilot and Mechanic to his fleet; and to know that the CareFlite family will have two blessed guardian angels watching over us, keeping us safe and strong as we continue to “Make Precious Minutes Count” for those in need as both of you have done.

May We Never Forget.

-  James Shelton

The CareFlite crew,

I am heart broken by the loss of the crew in the Bell 222 even though I didn't know either, it still breaks my heart to see others in such pain from the loss of great people who went out knowing that they might not come back to the base and that's what happened. God called them to his army to help him save lives.

-  David Magalich (future pilot)

Stephen Durler and Guy del Giudice,

I am thankful to have had the privilege to have known Guy del Giudice and Stephen Durler, friends is what you are. That’s why saying goodbye is so hard. A friend once told me that there is a special place in heaven for us because of the work we do, our thoughts and prayers are with your families. So farewell for now until we meet again.

-  Keith Burns

Guy and Stephen,

Thank you for what you have done for the people that needed you the most. Now God has taken you home. We will never forget.

-  Timothy Pruitt

Guy and Stephen and their families,

I am still in disbelief of all that took place and can not believe that you are no longer with us. I had the honor of flying with Guy for several years. I have many memories of flying with him. He was one of my favorite pilots to fly with.  I never worried about anything except my patient when Guy was as the controls. I only met Stephen once but my husband was very fond of him as a mechanic.  My heart aches for both families and my endless prayers are with you. God Bless....

-  Cally

Guy & Stephen,

You will never be forgotten, for you will live on in the hearts of everyone you touched.

-  Nikki

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